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kid rambles.

Gabe discovered his new favorite book this evening. "Little Boy Blue"

We read it about 10x before bed. We did our normal bed time routine, and he was quiet for about 30 minutes so I figured he was out. Hah. No.

He wanted his darn book. So I read it to him once, pointed out all the ducks and chickens and cows and sheep. And when I would point to the chicken he`d do his sign for chicken (arms flapping, Mels mother taught him this one) and when he`d see little boy blue sleeping he`d do his sign for sleep (finger to nose and "shh-ing").

After 15 minutes of this, I finally told him I would let him read his book quietly in his bed for 10 minutes then he was going to sleep. So I kissed him, walked out, and as I was walking out he waves to me and then started snoring. LOL George taught him to fake sleep, and when he does, he snores. Its pretty funny.

I keep peeking in on him every few minutes and he`s happily reading his book. Page by page. Randomly laughing and doing his signs.


Xavier took a 90 minute nap this afternoon. It was wonderful! He`s hit this seperation anxiety phase, and as a result, he has been napping for 40-50 minutes at a time and waking up hysterical when he doesn`t see me laying next to him in bed. I wear him in a wrap to sleep, and then lay him down and we have no problems there. But if it`s nap time and I`m not in bed with him when he wakes up, or if I`m not in bed at night when he wakes up, he freaks out.  And its always every 40-50 minutes. However, he doesn`t do it when I`m in bed with him at night.


I took the boys grocery shopping this morning while I let George sleep in a bit. I had Xavier in the wrap on my back and Gabe in the cart. While we were walking thru the aisles, Gabe would lean to the left so Xavier couldn`t see him over my back, and then quickly lean back over to the right and Xavier would let out this shrill of excitement which would in turn make Gabriel shriek with delight. They did this during the whole shopping trip and it was adorable.

They`ve been interacting with eachother a lot lately. Xavier chases after Gabe on his hands and knees, and Gabe will play peek a boo and tickle his brother until he can`t breathe from laughing so hard.

Aaand, 40 minutes.. right on cue. Xavier is stirring.


I'm gonna add you here :) (Kiana, btw)

October 2007

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