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making a change.

My children have been unusually ornery the past two days. Gabe isn't pleased with anything for very long, but then the world has ended if you put it away. ("Puh! Puh! -points to the mantle above the fire place-" - is Gabes way of letting me know he wants to play with his wooden puzzles. He sits there for 15 minutes, putting pieces together, clapping and woo-hoo'ing with every piece. And then when he walks away from it, I gather it up to put away and he comes running from across the room screaming. ) He's been especially obsessed with finger painting, water colors and markers. I'm definetly going to be investing in a nice easel for his birthday or Christmas. I need to set up a little craft station for him. He'll water color, finger paint or color with markers and crayons multiple times a day.
Xavier is ornery because he just cut his fifth tooth and is working on a sixth.
I think their grumpiness has been heightened by my constant fatigue as of late. Pregnancy is possible, but I highly doubt it. My cycle is textbook, and while we do have unprotected sex, it was several days prior to my ovulation date - so I highly doubt that is it. I'm fairly certain my poor diet is just catching up to me. And it's been even poorer than usual the last 2 weeks.
Which has lead me to promising myself to eat better. Which I do quite often, but it's one of those thoughts that pass thru my mind.. "I should make better choices tomorrow." and then it's forgotten the next morning. This time? Well - I've got a plan.
And this time is different. Prior, I would force myself to eat well with the intention of losing weight. I could stand to lose 20 lbs, don't get me wrong, but I don't have the desire. I'm comfortable with my body at the moment.
I am not comfortable with how dragged down and tired I feel constantly.
So. Here is my plan..
This week: Cut out all soda. None. Kaput. All done! Soda has been my vice for years. Until I got pregnant with Gabe, all I would drink was soda and milk. Sick. Then I started forcing myself to drink water with Gabe. And eventually I limited myself to one soda a day - sometimes slipping and having a 2nd or 3rd. Well, I'm finally ready to be done. So, here's to a week full of caffiene headaches - with a great outcome - no more addiction to soda!
The following two weeks: Make one of my meals a day completely raw. Which will probably be fruits. And my breakfast.
The two weeks after: Makes two of my meals a day competely raw. Which I think will be a combination of lotsa veggies thrown into a juicer for breakfast. And then snack on fruits for the rest of the day. And have whatever I make my family for dinner.
Eventually, my goal is to be 100% raw.
This morning I've had a handfull of grapes, a peach and a banana - along with two bottles of water. Quite a change, considering I grew up in a home where my mother hardly ever bought produce.
I never thought I'd be attempting to eat raw - however, Gabe has been the one who's lead me to this. After constantly worrying about him only eating fruits and veggies - I did some research and found the world of raw. Gabe already refuses meats. At first it was just beef, but now it's everything. And then he started only wanting fruits, veggies, nuts/seeds and sometimes cheese. So - we'll say this is child-lead. I'll let him eat what he wants (with the exception of cow's milk. Which he consumes about 30oz's a day currently. I want to change him to either rice or almond milk.) - but within reason, and we're getting rid of all our processed crap.
It'll take a while to make the entire change. But everything I've done to change myself for the better has taken a while. I always thought to myself, one day I'll find a way to change our diets - but for now I'm not ready.
Well, I'm ready now.


October 2007

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